Welcome to the Knowledge Hub

This is an interconnected partner platform (national, regional, global)​ with resources and tools to inform implementation​. Connect with experts and key stakeholders to start/continue dialogues on emerging evidence and implementation priorities 

Woman-Centered Care (WCC)

Advancing quality of maternal and newborn health care requires an equal focus on the provision and experience of care.

Urban Health

IS approach requires deliberate engagement of multiple actors representing an extensive array of skill sets and experiences to apply evidence to the most pressing challenges facing health policy and program implementation.

Violence Against Children and Youth Survey (VACS)

Support data through strengthened policy and program efforts, with a focus on connecting learning across country experiences.


Implementation Science (IS)

Our partnership approach to implementation science is rooted in the understanding that the use of evidence to improve health policies and programs requires the long-term active engagement of multiple actors representing an extensive array of skill sets and experiences

This is an inclusive and expandable platform to ALIGN evidence users and evidence producers to:

  • Determine pressing implementation priorities
  • Form stakeholder collaborations best positioned to address priorities 
  • Generate/liberate evidence for analysis
  • Better package and communicate findings
  • Improve dissemination and delivery of information 
  • nurture and sustain collaborations to address the next set of questions

Leveraging the Best Practices Forum to Inform Principles of Stakeholder Engagement Around Priority Setting for Implementation Science

As part of an ongoing effort to create agreed-upon principles for stakeholder engagement in the priority-setting process for implementation science and research, a tool which would ensure all stakeholders had a voice in agenda setting, the 11th East, Central and...

Building an ISC

The Implementation Science Collaborative brings together a diverse set of stakeholders to inform implementation science agendas and implement evidence-to-use activities. The result is a more holistic understanding of the problems that need to be addressed, and the...

Spotlight on Implementation Science (Academic)

What is the significance of evidence synthesis in public health program and policy? There are various sources of evidence that can serve as a basis for improving health program and policy. Ideally, at the college level, we need to design a large study that serves as a...

The Implementation Science Collaborative (ISC) is an unincorporated partnership under development with the support of USAID’s Health Evaluation and Applied Research Development (HEARD) Project and its implementing partners.